In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include a report by the International Criminal Court on ISIS, the Vatican takes steps to promote the pope's voice on climate change, and another Republican joins the presidential race.

"This Lord who is Father loves us so much and never disappoints." (Pope Francis)

Today's Reading: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” (John 14:27)

In the News:

  • The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility on Tuesday for an attack on a Texas exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in which the two gunmen were killed.
  • Mike Huckabee, who excited evangelical voters in his first presidential race in 2008 and retains much of their good will, plans to announce Tuesday that he will again seek the Republican nomination.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton intends to draw an early distinction with Republicans on illegal immigration, pointing to a pathway to citizenship as an essential part of any overhaul in Congress.

Pope Francis and church news:

  • The atrocities committed by the Islamic State require a strong global response, including action by the International Criminal Court, said a prominent religious freedom report.
  • The Vatican has embarked on a campaign to position Pope Francis as an unifying voice on climate change ahead of several major appearances in the coming months.
  • As the European Union (EU) announced tough measures to curb the flow of migrants and refugees across the Mediterranean Sea, Catholic aid groups have urged a more humanitarian response.

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