In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include Hillary Clinton's support of greater trade relations with Cuba, the thawing relationship between Chinese officials and the Vatican, and a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem that turned bloody as an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded six participants.

"This is what we are about: We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise." (Oscar Romero)

Today's Psalm: "Take up a melody, and sound the timbrel, the pleasant harp and the lyre. Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our solemn feast." (Psalm 81:3-4)

In the News:

  • On Thursday July 22nd, the New York Times reported that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the target of criminal referrals from two inspectors general relating to her e-mail usage during her time as Secretary of State. In response, the Clinton Campaign's communications director Jennifer Palmieri blasted the New York Times in a letter to Executive Editor Dean Baquet citing major inaccuracies. Public Editor Margaret Sullivan concluded that the paper had overused anonymous sources and "hadn’t promulgated expeditious corrections."
  • Hilary Clinton came out yesterday in favor of greater trade relations with Cuba, mirroring Obama’s stance on increased trade and travel relations with our island neighbor to the south. Clinton has been explicitly critical of Bush and Rubio, referring to their isolationist policies towards the island state as counter-productive. The embargo, both Clinton and Obama have stated, makes America an easy target for the nation’s economic woes. In order to gain political leverage over the communist nation, she says, it is essential trade relations be resumed.
  • Walter Palmer, the dentist now infamous for repeatedly paying large sums of money to hunt endangered wildlife, has seemingly disappeared. Though Palmer claims that the United States government and the Zimbabwe government have made no attempts to contact him, this is contested by both governments. He furthermore claims that he only relied on “local guides”, and believed the hunt to be legal. Palmer has had legal trouble before however, when he illegally killed a Wisconsin bear.

Pope Francis and church news:

  • As host organizations in Washington DC, New York, and Philadelphia plan for the Pope's visit, they may want to take a look at what other cities before them have done to welcome the pontiff. One soulful welcome during the Pope's reception with former Israeli President Shimon Peres will be hard to top. Comprised of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children ages 10 to 14, the Israeli choir sang a medley of "Hallelujah" songs and wowed Francis who couldn't stop smiling.
  • The frosty relations between Chinese officials and the Vatican appear to be creeping towards a thaw. Recently, the President gave the all clear for Francis’s plane to fly over Chinese airspace, and are demonstrating a willingness to re-negotiate their policy of destroying churches as “illegal buildings”. Willingness to engage with Francis as an important political figure speaks positively to the future of not only Chinese Catholics, but Chinese Christians in general; all of whom practice their faith in spite of widespread persecution and fear.
  • At a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded six participants, two of them seriously. The police reported that the suspect was jailed for a similar attack 10 years ago. About 5,000 people celebrating the event were marching along an avenue when the man jumped into the crowd, apparently from a supermarket, and plunged a knife into some of the participants, witnesses said.

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