In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include the best and worst moment's of the first Republican Presidential debate, where Michael Brown Sr. is on the one year anniversary of his son's death, and the Vatican's surprising statement on the potential discovery of alien life.

"Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front." (Nelson Mandela)

Today's Gospel: "Jesus said to his disciples, 'Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.'" (Matthew 16:4)

In the News:

  • Last night, the top 10 GOP Presidential candidates faced off on Fox News. The debate "left some candidates shining and others stung" explains Michael Barbaro and Nicholas Confessore of the New York Times who reviewed each candidate's best and worst moments of the night. Though businessman Donald Trump and Governor Jeb Bush lead the pack in the polls before the night began, many argue that they were not amongst the winners once the debate was over. Though others don't quite agree and argue that his bold comments made him even stronger.
  • One year after Michael Brown's death, Michael Brown Sr. still thinks about his son every day. Michael Brown Sr. stood and listened to Barack Obama give what many believe was the President's most powerful speech to date. In it, the President acknowledged the nation had a long way to go to defeat racism but also noted the many gains that had been hard won." What happened in Ferguson may not be unique," Obama said, "but it's no longer endemic. It's no longer sanctioned by law or custom, and before the civil rights movement, it most surely was."
  • On the night of the first GOP debate, the campaign of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton took the unusual step of inviting reporters to their campaign headquarters here as 40 campaign staffers eagerly poured over the debate in another room. "Hillary Clinton wasn’t on the stage, but we think she was the clear winner,”said Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri after the debate, which was dominated by Donald Trump. “We think this was a really destructive night for the Republican Party.”

Pope Francis and church news:

  • Pope Francis, is planning a meeting this fall at the holy site in Rome, Italy, where he hopes to discuss "how the church is perceived by Western media influencers." The media mogul Oprah Winfrey, 61, and the Oscar winner Matt Damon, 44, have reportedly been tapped for the shortlist to meet His Holiness. If the meeting goes through, Winfrey and Damon may be a part of a brainstorm to weigh in on ways the Catholic Church can improve its image.
  • The Vatican believes finding alien life would have no impact on the teachings of the Bible. The Argentinian Jesuit named Jose Gabriel Funes, who runs the Vatican's robust astronomy program, has long been open to the prospect of discoveries extraterrestrial life. And following discoveries such as Earth 2.0., he believes we might be edging closer to finding proof of life somewhere in the universe.
  • Since his election, Pope Francis has become one of the world’s most influential moral leaders, and despite a drop in a recent opinion poll, he is still wildly popular in the United States. Just before Francis' comes to the east coast, Michael O'Loughlin, of Crux, is analyzing how the Pope's priorities are influencing the Church in the United States.

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