In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include a man who was shot and critically injured by the police during protests in Ferguson, the Republican's "Pope Francis candidate", and Pope Francis' address to St. Peter's Square on the 70 year anniversary of the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Today's Psalm: "Lavishly he gives to the poor, his generosity shall endure forever; his horn shall be exalted in glory" (Psalm 112:9)

In the News:

  • In Ferguson, Missouri, police shot and critically injured a man accused of opening fire during protests. The late-night shooting was a violent end to a mostly peaceful day of protests and vigils that marked the anniversary of the fatal shooting of Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white Ferguson police officer.
  • After the GOP Presidential debate last week, NBC News polls show that businessman Donald Trump is still in the lead despite a series of bad publicity after disparaging remarks toward Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. Not too far behind him is Senator Ted Cruz, whose ratings have improved since the debate.
  • Six members of security forces have been killed in a series of attacks in Istanbul, Turkey amid rising tension between the government and Kurdish militants. Turkey had been bracing itself for retaliatory attacks since it started to conduct operations against the so-called Islamic State and the Kurdish PKK militants last month. In the last couple of weeks more than 20 security officers have been killed, by attacks mostly blamed on the PKK.

Pope Francis and church news:

  • Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good's Executive Director, Christopher Hale, hailed John Kasich as the "GOP's Pope Francis candidate" in TIME. He wrote, "Recent polling suggests that practicing and preaching Pope Francis politics works. Kasich apparently got the memo. His inclusive and conciliatory language Thursday night stood in stark contrast to that of many of his rivals, most notably, Donald Trump."
  • In Crux, John L. Allen Jr takes a look at the debate over allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to take communion. He writes, "The fact that a new approach might be complicated, of course, isn’t a conclusive argument for saying no, because it may be that solutions can be found. Advocates of change might also argue that however flawed a new system could be, it’s preferable to an unjust status quo. At a minimum, however, reformers likely will face pressure in October not just to defend their position in theory, but also to explain how it would work in practice."
  • On the 70 year anniversary of the destruction of the cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Pope Francis used his weekly address at St. Peter's Square to address the somber day. Pope Francis explained that the attacks are a symbol of the "enormous power of humanity" when people misuse scientific and technical progress. Calling for the ban of nuclear weapons, Francis said that the horrific two days "serves as a lasting warning to humanity so that it rejects forever war and bans nuclear weapons and all arms of mass destruction."

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