In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include shake-ups for the Trump team, volunteers heading into Louisiana, and a new American bishop is promoted by Pope Francis. 

"We must talk about poverty, because people insulated by their own comfort lose sight of it." (Dorothy Day)

Today's Gospel: “Thus, the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:16)

In the News:

  • Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is shaking up his campaign staff, after a series of missteps that led to slumping poll numbers.
  • More than 1,000 volunteers from every state were descending on flood-stricken Louisiana Wednesday to assist relief efforts for what the Red Cross called the nation's worst disaster since Superstorm Sandy.
  • A prominent Iranian lawmaker confirmed Wednesday that Russia is using an Iranian air base for airstrikes in Syria, as Moscow said another wave of airstrikes launched from the Islamic Republic struck the east of the war-ravaged country.

Pope Francis and church news:

  • Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas has been appointed the head of Francis’ new 'mega-dicastery' for laity, family, and life – a decision that marks the second major appointment of an American to a Vatican position this summer.
  • After a recent report confirmed that violence against children has increased in conflict zones, the Holy See is urging the United Nations and local governments to protect the innocent youth who are caught in the crossfire of violence around the world.
  • Staff and parishioners of San Felipe de Jesus Church in Brownsville, Texas, are creating as welcoming and joyous a response as possible for the hundreds of unaccompanied children, nearly all from Central America, who are being housed in their area.

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