In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include tension in Europe as they try to deal with incoming refugees and continuing deaths as a result of individuals fleeing a war town middle east, Pope Francis' devotion to both progress and tradition, and Donald Trump's Pope Francis fixation.

"Don't worry about being effective. Just concentrate on being faithful to the truth." (Dorothy Day)

Today's Reading: "This is the will of God, that you are not to take advantage of or exploit a brother or sister." (1 Thes 4:1-8)

In the News:

  • In a heartbreaking tragedy, 71 refugees were found dead after trying to cross the Mediterranean by sea. The boat included 3 children under the ages of ten. Europe faces a great deal of tension about how to deal with these continuing deaths; the byproduct of individuals fleeing a war torn middle east. 
  • The next time you're tempted to give your friend psychological insight, stop yourself: it seems a lot of psychological assumptions are not so solid as they seem. A recent project has found that certain psychological studies are difficult to replicate. Still, critics of these criticisms point out that difficulties in replication do not necessarily negate a long methodical study that would often be difficult (if not impossible) to fully copy. 
  • Donald Trump, along with the general disdain he's inspired in left and right wings alike, seem to have alienated that Latin American vote with an almost impressive solidarity. The complicated man, who has a long history of personal and professional struggles, seems intent on insisting that 17% of the population are "rapists and criminals": an improbable claim, that seems to have ensured that 17% will not be voting for him any time in the near future. 

Pope Francis and church news:

  • The people's Pope Francis continues to inspire and astound the world with his (seemingly) paradoxical devotion to both tradition and progress. American Catholics, however, don't seem to mind; giving him a 90% approval rating where most Pope's receive something closer to 60%. 
  • A children's book with the moral of family unity inspired defenders around the world when certain towns in Italy banned it as "too gay". One of those defenders is Pope Francis, who praised any story that "spreads genuine human and christian values."
  • Donald Trump continues with his Pope Francis fixation, this time in the form of sports. Trump, along with business partner Alessandro Proto, sent a statement of interest to Argentina’s Club Atletico San Lorenzo di Almagro – Pope Francis’ favourite team. Pope Francis is one of the team’s most famous fans, with players taking to the pitch with his face on their shirts during an Argentine league match against Colon de Santa Fe in March 2013.

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