In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include a march on Washington and America's image, a possible European and U.S. trade deal, the severe decline in Antarctic glaciers, and the Affordable Care Act.

"A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." -- Pope Francis 

Today's Gospel: "When he entered the house, the blind men approached him and Jesus said to them, 'Do you believe that I can do this?' 'Yes, Lord,' they said to him. Then he touched their eyes and said, 'Let it be done for you according to your faith.'  And their eyes were opened." (MT 9:28-30)

In the News:

  • Civil rights leaders are planning a march on Washington next week after the announcement in the Eric Garner case. And some say that America has taken a blow to its image in the aftermath of the recent grand jury decisions. 
  • European farmers are not happy about the possibility of future trade deal with America, citing "frankenfoods" and capitalism.
  • More research is casting even more light on the Antarctic glaciers in decline. 
  • And officials say that price comparisons are crucial for Americans on the Affordable Care Act if they want it to be afforadable, as premiums could rise in January.  

Pope Francis and church news: 

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