In today's Catholic Daily Roundup, top stories include an Australian hostage situation, news of the end of Hong Kong protests, and a message from Pope Francis to an inmate. 

“I ask the Lord for the grace that... we might be able to be loving, forgiving, understanding of others, to have a large heart with the people, to be merciful."--Pope Francis

Today's Reading: "Judiciously he guides the humble, instructing the poor in his way." (Psalms 25:9)

In the News:

  • Australian riot police stormed a cafe where an apparent Iranian refugee had held hostages for nearly 16 hours.
  • recently published article says same-sex couples are less likely to get divorced than straight couples.
  • Hong Kong authorities arrested several pro-democracy activists on Monday as they cleared the last of three protest sites.

Pope Francis and church news: 

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