"Teach me your ways, O Lord." (Psalm 25:4) 

Today's Readings 

It's rather strange, isn't it? The entire world is currently absorbed in the fullness of the holiday season. Streets are jammed from Hong Kong to New York. Stores are opened overtime as men and women search for the perfect presents for their spouses, children and friends. 

The entire world is centering itself on the feast of Christmas, where we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ in the world. What's stranger? We don't even know it.

This event, which is so important to world order that most people measure time relative to the birth of Jesus Christ, passes by us without us noticing sometimes.

The month of December, for all its beauty and joy, is full of trappings for the Christian. We get so caught up in the details that we miss the central message of the season: that God so loved the world that he sent us a savior to redeem us from darkness, brokenness and sin.

In today's Gospel, Jesus's critics try to get Jesus in a trap. If Jesus proclaimed he was the Messiah, the elders would arrest him for blaspheming. If he claimed his own authority, they would arrest him for insurrection as a threat to Roman peace. Jesus, just as he did in the Temple, turns the tables on the religious leaders by posing his own challenging question and reducing them to silence.

They were so absorbed in their own status and lives that they could not witness to God’s kingdom in front of them.

God calls us to let go of ourselves this Advent season. To paraphrase Paul, the more we decrease, the more he increases.

How can make ourselves smaller this Advent season? How we can make Jesus Christ, the center of all human history, the center of our own lives?