Today we celebrate the memorial of St. John of the Cross. John was the great reformer of the Carmelite order. He spent his days working among those who already professed a religious life, exhorting them to return to their first principles: prayer, devotion and simplicity.
John of the Cross, as the Church has since acknowledged, was revealing God's dreams for his companions.
The Carmelites at the time, however, didn't respond well to this urging and threw him in jail for it.

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples to wake up and to see the wonders of God all around them. Elijah, Jesus says, has already come, but the distracted disciples missed it.

John of the Cross was proclaiming Christ in his time, and the Carmelites ignored him. Elijah had already revealed himself to Jesus's companions, but they missed the memo. 

Who or what is proclaiming Christ in your life? Are you ignoring it or are you open to the voice of God no matter who the messenger might be?

As we prepare for coming of Jesus at Christmas, let us pray that we can have a big heart open to him and all the surprises he has in store for our life.