CACG board chair Fred Rotondaro and board member Benjamin Palumbo call for Catholic Bishops to stand with immigrants being targeted by the Trump administration.

Credible news media report that the immigration service recently targeted
a church facility where people were seeking relief from hypothermia. This is
despicable: Churches have been places of refuge for centuries.

This shameful action is cruel and violates our most cherished values
found in the parable of The Good Samaritan.

President Trump is blatantly pandering to the fear that some Americans have of
"the others". In doing so he is fanning the flames of intolerance. We have
seen this played out before in Europe in the 1930's. We urge our fellow
Catholics, and all decent Americans, to turn their backs on this effort to
make America into a nation of bigots. Nothing good can come of this.   

We will protest to our elected representatives. We urge you to do the

We urge our Catholic Bishops to intensify their support for immigrants by
protesting Trump's actions not only in writing but at mass throughout the
country this Sunday.

Fred Rotondaro
Chair, Catholics in Alliance For the Common Good

Benjamin Palumbo
Board member, Catholics in Alliance For the Common Good
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