We here at CACG are deeply disturbed by President Trump's continued attacks on a free and independent media, the rule of law, and religious freedom.

He has repeatedly charged that the media lies with intent to hurt him. His most recent statement was at a gathering of US Army members when he said, incorrectly, that the media was not covering terrorist attacks. And you know why, he exclaimed darkly. What as he implying?

A federal judge who ruled against President Trump's Muslim Ban was insulted as a so called judge and President Trump claimed the judge was hurting the effort to protect America. Speaking this week to police chiefs, President Trump charged judges with political bias and with endangering Americans. He is creating a dangerous situation of us versus them.  
Simply put, President Trump's charges are utter nonsense.

We doubt though that he cares. His ban was not a security decision but a political one and he views himself as a winner if he gets the opportunity to attack the media and the judicial system. Two essential elements of our democracy are an informed electorate and mediating institutions, such as the media and the courts, that help establish a body of knowledge generally accepted by the public.

President Trump began his campaign by questioning, over a four year period, Barack Obama's legitimacy to be president. He claimed during the primaries that he saw thousands of New Jersey Muslims celebrating the evening of 9/11. He said Mexico was sending us her criminals. He and his staff have repeatedly lied about the size of his electoral victory and even the size of his inauguration crowd. 

His lies seem aimed at creating confusion among the public, in discrediting American institutions which have countered his claims. He obviously wants to weaken and discredit institutions that seek to establish and maintain the rule of law.

American Catholics, since we're no stranger to being unwelcome and unwanted in a new land, will stand side by side with American Muslim citizens, refugees, and migrants in this, their hour of need. Our timeless American values and traditions demand no less from us. Continued attempts by President Trump and his administration to silence and divide Americans will only bring about a more united and determined front.


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