Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good's senior fellow Christopher Hale released the following statement on the grand jury decision in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri:

During this time of great national pain, we mourn again the death of Michael Brown. As we've said before, the violence that killed Michael Brown didn’t begin on the streets the afternoon of August 9th. 'It was the fruit of the invisible violence that plagues our communities everyday. It’s the violence of institutions that fail to serve its people. It’s the violence that afflicts the poor and makes us indifferent to others’ suffering. It’s the violence of inaction in the face of failing schools, decaying cities and economic disparities. It’s the violence that sows distrust between people and communities because the color of their skin. This violence isn’t as evident as the gunshot that killed Michael Brown, but it’s just as deadly.' Though Officer Darren Wilson has been acquitted of legal responsibility in Michael Brown's death, our nation is not. We pray that our nation will take this time to work harder to end injustices, bind the wounds between us and live as children of God, brothers and sisters once again.

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