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As Catholics in the United States and their allies, we stand with Pope Francis to advocate for the end of hunger here in the United States and across the world.

We commit to joining Francis's wave of prayer to end hunger on Tuesday, December 10th. At noon on that day, we will recite this prayer in solidarity with men and women across the world.

We also call on our elected officials in Congress to end the SNAP (formerly food stamp) cuts that took effect on November 1st. This $11 billion cut over four years equals nearly 10 million meals each day.

Unjust budgetary decisions continue to threaten nutrition assistance for low-income women and children, programs that serve the elderly and funds used in international foreign assistance.

During this holy season of Advent where we prepare to welcome Christ into our midst, we pray that our elected officials will be protectors of the poor and fill the hungry with good things.

We stand with Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in the efforts to pass a farm bill that protects the poor and hungry here in the United States and abroad.

For more information about this global initiative, please visit Catholic Relief Services's campaign site.

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