Today, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good joined other prominent Catholic leaders and organizations in a letter asking members of the United States Senate to heed the wisdom of Pope Francis and not support any more sanctions on Iran during the middle of the ongoing peace talks. Fred Rotondaro, chairman of the organization.

“We believe that our elected officials in the United States should follow the wisdom of Pope Francis on this crucial issue.” said Fred Rotondaro, chairman of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. “He’s right: all means of diplomacy should be exercised in the pursuit of peace. The proposed sanctions would only make this process all the more difficult.”

The letter was placed online at NoMoreSanctions.Org, where the sponsoring organizations have asked for their membership to sign on. The final letter with signatures will be distributed to the members of the United States Senate next week.

Here is the full text of the letter:

To our elected officials in the United States Senate: 

As Catholics who love our country and believe in its power to promote peace and stability in the world, we urge you and your colleagues to oppose additional sanctions or take any other action at this time that could undermine the negotiation process with Iran over its nuclear program.

Pope Francis and the Vatican have made it clear: “The Holy See is firmly convinced that the present difficulties [in Iran] can and must be overcome through diplomatic channels, making use of all the means that diplomacy has at its disposal, and considers it necessary to overcome the various obstacles which impede mutual trust.”

Unfortunately, some in the Senate are seeking to immediately impose additional sanctions on Iran. This is an unacceptable approach that will only make the already narrow path towards peace all the more difficult.

Given the complex and difficult relationship our country has with Iran, it is important to take every step necessary to create an environment of mutual trust in order that all parties involved can work towards a solution that promotes authentic and sustaining peace.

We're encouraged by the recent steps that the Administration has taken to engage the Iranian leadership and hope to see that process continue uninterrupted.

A peaceful resolution in Iran will require tremendous work and sustained negotiations over time. But make no mistake: these ends are much better achieved through the channels of dialogue than through newly imposed sanctions from Congress. Therefore, we encourage you and your colleagues to be patient and to avoid any measures that could threaten the prospects for a diplomatic solution that can advance peace and security in the region.

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS
Executive Director

Mr. Patrick Carolan
Executive Director
Franciscan Action Network 

Sister Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director

Reverend Charles Currie, SJ
Executive Director
Jesuit Commons 

Sister Anne Curtis, RSM
Institute Leadership Team
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Ambassador Miguel Diaz (ret.)
University Professor of Faith and Culture
University of Dayton 

Mr. Michael Jordan Laskey
Director of Life & Justice Ministries
Diocese of Camden, New Jersey

Reverend Paul Kollman, CSC
Executive Director, Center for Social Concerns
University of Notre Dame

Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec (ret.)
Caruso Family Chair in Law & Human Rights
Pepperdine University 

Sister Janet Mock
Executive Director
Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Dr. Vincent J. Miller
Professor of Catholic Theology and Culture
University of Dayton

Mr. Benjamin Palumbo
Board Member
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United 

Dr. Alfred Rotondaro
Chairman of the Board
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

Mr. James Salt
Executive Director
Catholics United 

Dr. John Sniegocki
Chairman, Peace Studies Program
Xavier University

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