Yesterday, a business trip took me to Connecticut for the day. While there, I had the chance to drop into a small parish church for evening Mass.

After the Mass, I lit a candle for all the victims of the Newtown tragedy, which occurred a year ago today.

This weekend, we're asking our members to remember this tragic shooting by praying for the victims of this tragedy and taking some small actions to end the gun violence in our nation.

In collaboration with Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence, we ask you to consider doing the following two actions this weekend:

Action #1: Share this powerful Newtown Anniversary with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Action #2: Send these "Remember Newtown" Christmas cards to Members of Congress as they enter into new discussions about gun violence reduction in early 2014. 

And finally, please keep the victims of the Newtown tragedy and their families in your prayers this weekend. 

Thank you for all you continue to do on this important issue. With our small efforts and God's abundant grace, we know that together we can curb the gun violence that has for far too long plagued our nation.

Christopher Hale
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good