Earlier today, American radio host Rush Limbaugh argued for the second time in six months that Pope Francis is a marxist. This ridiculous assertion flies in the face of reality. 

It's absurd to claim that the universal leader of the Catholic Church would be  a follower of Karl Marx--a man who said that religion is the "opium of the masses." Francis himself has denied these claims. His calls for governments to promote the "legitimate redistribution of economic benefits" is biblical in origin and has been restated emphatically by every pope for 125 years.

The pope isn't a Marxist. He is the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and his message is rooted in the Gospel. If Rush Limbaugh has a problem with Pope Francis's teachings, he too has a problem with the Catholic Church and its prophetic social teaching on morality in economic life.

Francis has been repeating what the Church has been saying since Christ: any economic system which deprives the poor of their dignity has no place within a just society.


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