Millennial is an online journal and blog that provides world-class Catholic opinion and analysis on the most pressing issues of our times in politics, religion, and culture.  We aim to move beyond partisan and ideological divisions, bringing together all those who support the global common good and the worth and dignity of the human person.

Millennial aims to amplify the voices of a younger generation and provide insight and analysis on the issues that matter to this generation.  Therefore, Millennial only features the writing of Catholic millennials (those born during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II). We believe the millennial voice has often been neglected by other Catholic and secular publications, and we hope to remedy this.

We are the new faithful in this ancient tradition, excited to explore a faith has been handed down to us from the time of the apostles.  Always faithful to the ancient teachings of the Church, we are excited as a new faithful in a new century to articulate an authentic vision of the common good.

You can read about editor Robert Christian’s hopes for Millennial here or the transcript of a short podcast that introduces Millennial.