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February 2017

Catholic groups react to Trump's US exit from Trans-Pacific Partnership (NCR Online)

Beyer Joins Dem Colleagues to Introduce Religious Freedom Bill (Falls Church News-Press)

House Delegation Introduces Freedom Of Religion Act In Response To President Trump’s Muslim Ban (Alexandria News)

Catholic mass for Muslims draws more than 600 people blocks from the White House (Mondoweiss)

January 2017

550 attend Mass outside White House in solidarity with refugees (America Magazine)

How Should We Respond to the Age of Fake News? by Stephen Seufert (Millennial)

Trump exacts revenge on Kasich with Ohio GOP shakeup (FOX News)

What could Trump's 'first day' agenda hold? (FOX News)

Trump already breaking mold of the presidency (FOX News)

Obama and Pence hit Capitol Hill amid health care fight (FOX News)

December 2016

Pope Francis is waging a war on Christmas. Christians should join him. by Christopher Hale (Washington Post)

House Freedom Caucus already sparring with GOP brass? (FOX News)

Rust Belt Rout: The Forgotten Man (and Woman) Strikes Back by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

TIME Magazine chooses Donald Trump as 'Person of the Year' (FOX News)

November 2016

Trump is saving Carrier jobs...will other companies want in? (FOX News)

Should Nikki Haley be chosen to join Trump's Cabinet? (FOX News)

Should Trump fully hand over his businesses? (FOX News)

Hale: Person who released Clinton emails is a criminal (FOX News)

October 2016

Where Have the Pro-Life Catholics Gone? by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

As outrage over lewd comments piles up, Trump struggles among Catholics (Catholic News Service)

How do VP candidates differ on religious issues? (FOX News)

September 2016

Leave It to Trump to Split a Catholic-Evangelical Bloc That’s Generations Old by Neil J. Young (Religion Dispatches)

Fr. Warren Hall Q&A: God Loves Me by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

August 2016

St. Augustine's Restlessness and MLK's 'Dream' by Christopher Hale (Sojourners)

How Democrats are winning back Catholics by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post)

Will Catholic Toomey 'speak to power' on Trump? by Stephen Seufert (The Hill)

Pope Francis Opens the Door for Future Female Deacons by Christopher Hale (TIME)

July 2016

Preaching hatred of Islam does not help Christians by James Zogby (The National)

The Democratic Party Is Not One of Inclusiveness by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Trump-Pence is the Most Anti-Catholic Republican Ticket in Modern History by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Real Trump Scandal Isn’t Plagiarism. It’s Racism. by Christopher Hale (TIME)

What Tim Kaine, Donald Trump and Pope Francis Have In Common by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Guidelines Without Love by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Trump and Santorum -- Promoting an Economy of Opportunity or Exclusion? by Stephen Seufert (TruthOut)

June 2016

Trump met with Christian leaders: so how did it go? by Matt Hadro (Catholic News Agency)

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein has been a busy bee! by Mark Shea (Patheos)

May 2016 

Paul Ryan’s Saving Grace? by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

Poll: Should the pope allow women to be deacons? (New Jersey Times)

Women Should Be Deacons in the Catholic Church by Christopher Hale (New York Times)

Joe Biden and John Boehner: Our Faith Inspires Political Compromise by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The ‘Quiet Revolution’ of Pope Francis by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

With Biden and Boehner, Notre Dame on board with Francis agenda by Christopher Hale (Crux)

Say goodbye to the most Catholic presidential election ever by Robert Christian (Crux)

April 2016

Could Pope Francis be a feminist pope? by Christopher Hale (Washington Post)

Catholic Democrats split on wisdom of Sanders’ Vatican drop-in by Michael O'Loughlin (Crux)

Where are Bernie and Hillary? Dems leave NY days before primary by Charley Hannagan (

Why is Bernie Sanders in Vatican City not New York City? by Elizabeth Landers (CNN)

Rumors of God’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Why Catholics Should Stand Against Donald Trump's Extremism by Stephen Seufert (Truthout)

Tennessee lawmakers named the Bible as state book — and some Christians are furious by Travis Gettys (Raw Story)

March 2016

25 Faith Organizations Ask Appropriators: Eliminate the Immigrant Bed Quota (Friends Committee on National Legislation)

Pope Francis Will Be a Pro at Instagram by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Stated Clerk of the PCUSA Joins 22 Faith Leaders in Call for Congress to Pass Legislation to End the Embargo of Cuba (Office of Public Witness)

#PrayForRefugees: How You Can Change the Worst Refugee Crisis since WWII by Mark Martin (CBN News)

A welcome to strangers in Iraq by Christopher Hale (World Vision)

My Country: The Debate Over Religious and Civil Liberties by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

February 2016

The Pope, the Piggy Bank, and the Constitution by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

Mitt Romney says Trump’s response about David Duke is ‘disqualifying’ by Twitchy Staff (Twitchy)

Voting Bernie Sanders? A Rundown and Final Analysis for Catholics by Keith Michael Estrada (Patheos)

Bernie Sanders is wrong: Pope Francis is no socialist by Christopher Hale (National Catholic Reporter) 

The common ground between the magistrate and the minister by Christopher Hale (Crux) 

Blessings From the Border A Q+A with Catholic activist Christopher J. Hale by Ryan Hammill (Sojourners)

The pope flashes his political passions by Nahal Toosi (Politico)

Twitter tracker gives up the top choices for Lent this year by Lisa Gutierrez (The Kansas City Star) 

Pope Francis’ Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis’s contraception comments highlight the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, not progress by Jaweed Kaleem (Quartz)

Pope Francis suggests contraception could be permissible in Zika fight by Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Michelle Boorstein (Washington Post)

Pope's blessing, call for mercy impacts El Paso crowd by Soli Salgado (National Catholic Reporter)

Immigration Activists Hope for the Francis Effect by Ryan Hammill (Sojourners)

Steering committee forms for LGBT orgs across state by Paige Cooperstein (Philly Gay News)

Trump Reeling After Religious Leaders Condemn His Attack On Pope Francis by Jason Easley (PoliticusUSA)

Morning Catholic must-reads: 18/02/16 (Catholic Herald)

January 2016

LGBTQ Pennsylvania Steering Committee Meeting by Michael Mahler (Erie Gay News)

Pope Francis Reaffirms God’s Love for LGBT Community in New Book by Christopher Hale (TIME)

This year’s presidential election is a chance for churches to earn back trust of young Americans by Kelsey Dallas (Deseret News)

The Forgotten Dream of MLK by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Catholic Leaders Stand With Obama On Guns And Demand Republicans Follow His Lead by Sarah Jones (PoliticusUSA)

Gun Control Is a Pro-Life Value by Christopher Hale (TIME)

December 2015

Ted Cruz Says Tenn. Rally 'One Part Prayer Revival' by Katherine Weber (Christian Post)

The Department of Justice Must Investigate ExxonMobil (

The Rights of Refugees by David Hollenbach (America Magazine)

What Latin American Catholics Can Teach the American Left by Jocelyn Macurdy Keatts (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump’s Anti-Christian Campaign by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis's Prayers for COP21 by Jocelyn Macurdy Keatts (Huffington Post)

World Leaders Must Listen to Pope Francis on Climate Change by Christopher Hale (TIME)

November 2015

'I was a stranger, and you welcomed me' by Stephen Seufert (Bucks County Courier Times)

Catholics Back Refugee Resettlement (The Tablet) 

The Catholic Millennial: 21 Questions for Christopher J. Hale by Sean Salai, S.J. (America Magazine) 

"Yet until brown clay has been rammed down my larynx...." by Michael Sean Winters (National Catholic Reporter)

Faith leaders say refugees from Syria, elsewhere require compassion, acceptance (The Catholic Sun)

There’s Nothing Christian About Blocking Non-Christian Refugees to the U.S. by Christopher Hale (TIME)

When it comes to terrorism, ‘a Christian is a Christian’ by Christopher Hale (Crux)

October 2015

Pope Francis would give a thumbs up to Oprah’s ‘Belief’ series by Christopher Hale (Crux) 

Pope Francis' Language on LGBT Catholics Helps Illuminate What's Next for the Church by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

Gun Violence and the Common Good by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Trans-Pacific deal a step closer to final by Soli Salgado (National Catholic Reporter)

Kim Davis' Lawyers Dispute Vatican's Claims That Pope Francis Meeting Was Not an Endorsement, as Speculations Arise That the Pontiff Was Tricked by Char Adams (People Magazine)

Before Meeting Kim Davis, Pope Met With His Gay Friend In Washington by Jaweed Kaleem (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis's Public Transformation on LGBT Rights by Christopher Hale (New Republic)

Pope Francis Met With An Openly Gay Couple The Day Before His Visit With Kim Davis by Ismat Sarah Mangla (International Business Times) 

September 2015

LGBT Catholics Confused And Hurt By Pope's Visit With Kim Davis by Antonia Blumberg (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis, immigrants and presidential candidates by Daniel Gunderson (KFGO Radio)

Can Pope Francis sway US politics? (Financial Times)

How Pope Francis resonates with millennials on Weekends with Alex Witt (MSNBC)

What lasting effect will Pope's visit have on US Catholics? (Fox News) 

Refugees in Europe, the Pope in America on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Stitcher)

Religion Series: LGBT couples still battling for rights from Church by Abbie Sarfo (The Review)

Papal visit prompts calls for LGBT-inclusive church by Michael K. Lavers (Washington Blade)

Byko: the LGBT embrace is one sided by Stu Bykofsky (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Boehner to resign from Congress next month by Tracie Mauriello (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

A Different Kind of Crusader by Rob Kunzig (Morning Consult) 

Pope for the people galvanizes millennials by Margie Fishman (The Delaware News Journal) 

Catholic Church: Listen & Learn On LGBT People by Stephen Seufert (Believe Out Loud)

Why Pope Francis Sounds Like a Democrat by Molly Ball (The Atlantic) 

Pope Francis Creates Strange Bedfellows Among Presidential Candidates by Ben Gittleson (ABC News)

By boycotting the pope, US Rep. embarrasses his Church and his country by Christopher Hale (Crux)

The Francis Revolucion by Callum Wood (The Trumpet)

Pope Francis' foray into politics creates discomfort for some Republicans by Alex Leary (Tampa Bay Times) 

Activists Hope Pope Can Change Climate Conversation In Washington by Kate Sheppard (Huffington Post)

How Does Pope Francis Influence America's Climate Change Debate? by Lucy Schouten (Christian Science Monitor)

Obama, the Pope, and the President of China Are Teaming Up to Save the World by James West (Mother Jones)

Pope faces tough crowd with climate plea by Timothy Cama (The Hill)

Pope's climate message unlikely to sway Republicans by Andrew Restuccia (Politico)

Why US Bishops Aren't Embracing Pope Francis' Climate Push by Suzanne Goldenberg (Mother Jones)

Pope Francis Faces Challenge Persuading US's Catholic Leaders on Climate Change by Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian)

Where Obama, Pope Francis Share Policy Vision: Cuba and Climate Change by Carol E. Lee (The Wall Street Journal)

Pope Francis Is Not ‘Progressive’—He’s a Priest by Emma Green (The Atlantic) 

Washington stirs before dawn for key spots at papal spectacles by Dana Hedgpeth (Washington Post) 

The Pope’s Funniest Fan: Stephen Colbert by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Catholics Flood 2016 Race by Brendan Kirby (LifeZette)

Catholic congressman says he will boycott Pope Francis over climate change stance by Mike DeBonis (Washington Post) 

Troubled Philadelphia Catholic diocese welcomes Pope Francis' late-September visit by Peter Smith (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 

Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, and 49 Other Christian Faith Leaders Send Letter to Congress Urging Acceptance of Iran Nuclear Deal (Urban Christian News)

Owning Our Faith Q&A: LGBT Catholics and the Church by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

70+ Organizations Implore Congress to Support Iran Agreement by Win Without Way (YubaNet)

These are Pope Francis's Top 5 Messages for Americans by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Timothy Malcolm: Member of a church should bring its teachings to life by Timothy Malcolm (Times Herald-Record)

Pope Francis is right about Abortion by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Pope vs. The Donald by Nahal Toosi (Politico)

August 2015

The Top 4 Misconceptions about Pope Francis by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis Supports the Iran Deal. So Why Do These Catholic Candidates Oppose It? by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

Pope Francis embraces gays, lesbians, but church remains divided over LGBT issues by Ivey DeJesus (Pennlive) 

Pope Francis and the Republican Presidential Hopefuls: A Widening Divide by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump has a Pope Francis Problem by Christopher Hale (Crux)

President announces Clean Power Plan to supportive poll results by Patrick J. Foote (People's World)

A declaração do Papa Francisco que mudou a Ingreja em questões LGBTs by Eraldo Luis (Nordeste1)

Africa: Religious Leaders Criticize Obama Comments on LGBT Human Rights by Peter Montgomery (USC Annenberg Religion Dispatches)

Kasich Could be the GOP's Pope Francis Candidate by Christopher Hale (TIME)

John Kasich: Trump's Behavior 'Just Doesn't Seem to Bother Me' by Connor Joseph (NBC News)

July 2015

"The World is Our House": The Gift of a Jesuit Education by Christopher Hale (Jesuit Educated)

Papa Francisco: elemento-chave para as eleicoes presidenciais dos EUA (Instituto Humanitas Unisinos)

The Pope Francis Statement that Changed the Church on LGBT Issues by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Andre Controversa Presents: Same Sex Marriage: Did SCOTUS Overreach? (Blog Talk Radio)

Preaching Pope Francis's Politics May Be the Key to Becoming President by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Church group acts on Pope's climate message by Al Edenloff (Echo Press)

Local faith groups ready for papal visit by Larry Nichols (Philly Gay News)

US Bishops issue bulletin against same-sex marriage by Michael Sean Winters

Pope Francis Isn't Holding Back--And U.S. Politicians Should Watch Out by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis in Bolivia: "We Are Tearing Apart Our Common Home" by Stephen Seufert (Sojourners)

Opinion: Democrats must start speaking out about the Planned Parenthood video by Christopher Hale (Washington Post)

'A lot of people want a liver' by Rod Dreher (The American Conservative)

Where are the mainline and progressive voices speaking out after that planned parenthood tragedy? by Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today)

Pope Francis ignites a revolt that will overthrow American capitalism by Paul B. Farrell (MarketWatch)

Pope's climate change statement a challenge for Republicans by David Jackson and Paul Singer (USA Today)

June 2015

Pope Francis's Smaller Visits Have a Bigger Meaning by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope's Climate Letter Puts Catholic Candidates on Spot by Andrew Desiderio (RealClearPolitics)

Pope Francis will try to break out of ‘the bubble’ on his US trip, details show by David Gibson (Washington Post)

3 Ways Catholics Can Respond to the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling by Christopher Hale (TIME)

7 Surprising Ways that Pope Francis’ Encyclical is Calling You to Change by Jenny Heipp (Aleteia)

The Pope's Climate Change Call Christopher Hale on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (RT News Network)

Pope's Climate Change Statement a Challenge for Republicans by David Jackson and Paul Singer (USA Today)

Papal message pivots to politics of warming by Jean Chemnick (E&E Publishing)

Pope's Encyclical: Authentic Human Development Has a Moral Character by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Inspring an Ecological Conversion by J. Nick Stevens (Sojourners)

4 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know about Climate Change by Jennifer Labbadia (Busted Halo)

7 Surprising Ways that Pope Francis’ Encyclical is Calling You to Change by Jenny Heipp (Millennial)

The 5 Most Important Points of Pope Francis’s Climate Change Encyclical by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Jeb Bush's Response to Pope Francis's Climate Change Encyclical is Hogwash by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Catholic Couple Embraces 'Who am I to Judge' by J. Nick Stevens (Huffington Post)

Tuesday, June 16th: Pope Francis' Encyclical Christopher Hale on The Dom Giordano Show

The Reason Faith Groups Helped Defeat Fast Track by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Why only Putin could turn up late for a meeting with the Pope by Matthew Chance (CNN) 

Why are Catholics so critical of consumerism? by Robert Christian (Crux)

Rick Santorum wants Pope Francis to leave science to scientists only when its convenient for him by Christopher Hale (Washington Post)

Pope Francis the Chemist should give congress a lesson by Robert Christian (Time)

What Pope Francis and Joseph Biden Can Teach Us About Suffering by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Santorum to pope: Stay away from science by Stephen Seufert (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Can Pope Francis work a Vladimir Putin Miracle? by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Wednesday June 10th: Climate Change Christopher Hale on The Dom Giordano Show

Jeb Bush thinks his faith shouldn't inform his position on climate change. Except when he does. by Jack Jenkins (Think Progress)

May 2015

Ireland Strikes a Blow For Good-Now What? by Karen Ocamb (Frontiers Media) 

Gay Marriage in Ireland isn't a 'No' to Catholicism by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Catholic Case for Tackling Climate Change by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Drowning in Debt: Washington and the Unjust Student Loan Crisis by Christopher Hale (Busted Halo)

2016 Candidates Must Step up to the Pope Francis Challenge by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Source: Religiously Unaffiliated Outnumbering Catholics in Recent Poll by Paul Flahive (Texas Public Radio)

Transgender and Catholic by J. Nick Stevens (New York Times)

2016 Presidential Faith: The Republicans by Christopher Hale (Busted Halo)

Palestinian President Meets Pope Christopher Hale on BBC World News (BBC)

Young people explain what role organized religion plays in their life Christopher Hale on Melissa Harris Perry (MSNBC)

Why are we seeing a decline in religious affiliation? Christopher Hale on Melissa Harris Perry (MSNBC)

How the Church Can Get Millennials Back by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Gun Violence by John Bergen (Catholic Herald)

2016 Presidential Faith: The Democrats by Christopher Hale (Busted Halo)

Kerry Robinson: The Church Deserves Women in Leadership by Jennifer Labbadia (Huffington Post)

Is God in Favor of Immigration Reform? by Lorena O'Neil (Ozy) 

April 2015

The Most Catholic Presidential Election Ever by Lorena O'Neil (Ozy)

Pope Francis Would Spare Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Life by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Fairness in International Trade by Dan Stockman (Global Sisters Report) 

Its time for a preferential option for the family by Robert Christian (Crux)

Good Friday and the Modern Version of Jesus Cross by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Transgender Voice of Faith by J. Nick Stevens (HRC) 

Can Religious Freedom be used to Discriminate? by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Analysis: Is Catholic Shift on Gays Substance or Style? by David Gibson (Religion News Service)

March 2015

Catholics, Evangelicals call for end to death penalty by Michael O'Loughlin (Crux)

Cardinal Sean O'Malley by Lorena O'Neil (Ozy)

Pope Francis Has a Woman Problem by Jennifer Labbadia (Huffington Post)

Lenten Reflection Series: Choosing Compassion and Love by Jennifer Labbadia (Millennial)

Fast-Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Bad for General Welfare and Common Good by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis has Taught the Church to Thrive Again by Christopher Hale (TIME)

I'm Proud to be a Transgender Catholic by J. Nick Stevens (TIME)

As Obama pushes for trade pact fast track, faith groups say to call the deal off by Soli Salgado (NCR Online)

Why Pope Francis is Obsessed with Mary by Christopher Hale (TIME)

New Catholic Group Joins Fight for LGBT Acceptance by Stevie St. John (The Advocate)

Pope Francis has a Woman Problem by Jennifer Labbadia (Huffington Post)

Ministry offers 'Courage' for same-sex attracted, celibate Catholics by Cheryl Wetzstein (Washington Times)

February 2015

Pope Francis Just Showed He’s Not Afraid to Part With the American Right by Christopher Hale (TIME)

A new focus on Women's equality with a record number of women in Congress? by Jennifer Labbadia (Millennial)

What Can We Expect from Pope Francis' Address to Congress? by Christopher Hale (Sojourners)

Honoring MLK With Action by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Freedom misunderstood: Catholic Democrats and abortion by Robert Christian (Crux)

The Missing Faith Voice in the Gun Control Debate by Jennifer Labbadia (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis’ Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Lenten Reflection Series: A Time to Learn How to Love Again by Christopher Hale (Millennial)

What Pope Francis could teach Francis Underwood by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Lenten Reflection Series: Mirroring God's Perfect Love for Others by J. Nick Stevens (Millennial)

Obama invokes Crusades while discussing ISIS Christopher Hale on The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN)

The Need for a More Pastoral Approach toward Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics by Stephen Seufert (Millennial)

January 2015

Pro-Choice Mario Cuomo Was Still A Catholic Politician by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis' New Cardinals Reflect a 'Poor Church' by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Environment and Economic Justice: U.S. Catholics Can Take the Lead by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

God calls us to care about the poor, climate by Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

Immigration Reform is a Pro-Life Issue by J. Nick Stevens (Millennial)

Pro-Life is More than being Pro-Birth by Christopher Hale (TIME)

New Catholic Survey Asks About People With ‘Homosexual Tendencies’ by Jack Jenkins (Think Progress) 

An appropriate Catholic Response to the State of the Union by Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

The Catholic Church: Debate Makes It Stronger by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

December 2014

Broadening the conversation on the Catholic family by Stephen Seufert (Philly Gay News)

LGBT Homes Should Open Their Doors to the World Meeting of Families by Francis DeBernardo (Bondings 2.0)

Match Made in Heaven: Catholics Supporting Immigrant and Labor Rights by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

Economic Justice is Essential to Strengthening American Families by J. Nick Stevens (Millennial)

A Nation in Dire Need of Christmas by Christopher Hale (TIME)

If Pope Francis Wrote your New Year's Resolutions by Christopher Hale (TIME)

November 2014

What do Millennial Catholics seek when it comes to LGBT issues? by Bob Shine (Bondings 2.0)

Why Christian groups lead the biggest relief efforts in the world by Christopher Hale (On Faith)

Pope Francis’ modern family evolution by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Saint of 9/11 and the 'Gifts and Qualities' of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Catholics by Jennifer Labbadia (Millennial)

An Economy of Inclusion and Solidarity for the 21st Century by Stephen Seufert (Millennial)

October 2014 

The New Archbishop of Chicago Is a Radical—And That’s a Good Thing by Robert Christian (TIME)

Millenials want a messy earnest discussion about family by Vinnie Rotondaro (NCR Online)

Cutting through the noise: the power of personal relationships by Allison Walter (NCR Online)

The Bishops are catching up to Pope Francis on gay rights by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Vatican document on gays draws cautious mixed response by Willa Frej (MSNBC)

Are we over-hyping the Vatican's new attitude toward the LGBTQ community? by Alicia Menendez (ABC Fusion)

Catholic Bishops urge tolerance toward gays (Arise America)

Weighing a Catholic change for LGBT and Divorcees by Tom Ashbrock (NPR, On Point) 

Is the Vatican evolving on sex and marriage? Not the way politicians do by Dave Cloutier (Washington Post)

The Church must lead the fight against violence facing the gay community by Jes Stevens and Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

Churches proceed carefully when encouraging members to get politically involved by Kelsey Dallas (Desert News)

September 2014

The church isn't going away on immigration reform by Christopher Hale (Busted Halo)

Reconciliation as a means to rebuild society by Rachel Malinowski and Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

Is the Catholic Church ‘Evolving’ on Gay Marriage? by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Supporting Trans Youth: Building a more hopeful future by Jes Stevens (Believe Out Loud)

Obama puts politics ahead of country in latest immigration overhaul delay by Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

Pope Francis’s winds of change cross the Atlantic by Christopher Hale (TIME) 

August 2014 

Pope promotes peace, not pacifism, in Iraq by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Is there a realistic non-violent response to the violence in Iraq? by Christopher Hale (NCR Online) 

The Pope isn't a pacifist by Dish Staff (The Dish) 

Ferguson: A faithful way forward by Christopher Hale (TIME)

A Church that embraces the cross must embrace politics by Rachel Malinowski and Christopher Hale (NCR Online)

July 2014 

After Hobby Lobby: a single-payer health care solution? by Fred Rotondaro and Christopher Hale (TIME)

Mending the Rift Between Obama and Catholics by Robert Christian (TIME)

Is it time to give the boot to employer based health insurance? by Robert B. Doherty (

June 2014 

Boehner’s got a Catholic problem on immigration reform by Christopher Hale (TIME) 

Why tea party Catholicism is a no go by Christopher Hale (TIME) 

Pope reportedly receives letter criticizing treatment of LCWR by Joshua McElwee (NCR Online)

Faith groups divided in their reaction to court's decision affirming religious rights by Michelle Boorstein (Washington Post) 

Pope Francis gets involved in Middle East peace process by Jerome Socolovsky (Voice of America) 

May 2014 

Pope Francis’ Tweet About Inequality Is the Wake-Up Call We All Need by Robert Christian (TIME)

Pope Francis’ trip to the Holy Land will bring attention to global war on Christians by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Why Pope Francis may be the best politician in the world by Christopher Hale (TIME)

April 2014 

Cardinals prove borders cannot block the love of Jesus Christ by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Why Pro-lifers Should Join Forces with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand by Robert Christian (TIME)

Why focus on the cross? by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The radical Easter proclamation by Christopher Hale (TIME)

John XXIII and John Paul II, the Catholic Church’s modern Saints by Christopher Hale (TIME) 

March 2014 

Lent is not just for Christians by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Pope Francis’ One Big Mistake: Syria by Robert Christian (TIME)

Francis: a Pope that Millennials can love by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Cardinal Sean O'Malley by Lorena O'Neil (Ozy)

Ozy profile of +O'Malley by Michael Sean Winters (NCR Online)

Give ‘em Francis, Barry! by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Obama, Francis meet for the first time by Halimah Abdullah (CNN)

February 2014 

Remember Benedict the Meek by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Hale remembers "Benedict the Meek" by John McCarthy (NCR Online)

January 2014 

Why progressives should oppose abortion by Christopher Hale (CNN)

Pro-life and Progressive by Michael Sean Winters (NCR Online) 

December 2013

Rush Limbaugh, Pope is preaching pure marxism by Daniel Burke (CNN)

Catholic group denounces Limbaugh's attack on Pope Francis (Media Matters for America)

November 2013

Groups step in for US Bishops, collects Vatican requested data by Joshua McElwee (NCR Online)

Lay groups luanch surveys to answer Vatican questionnaire by Brian Roewe (NCR Online)

Vatican Downplays controversy over U.S. Embassy move by Dan Merica and Eric Marrapodi (CNN)

Bishops are urged to expand priorities by Laurie Goodstein (New York Times)

Archbishop Kurtz, new head of U.S. bishops group, shares pope’s pastoral approach by David Gibson (Washington Post)

U.S. Catholic bishops' new leaders echo pope's concern for the poor by Mary Wisniewki (Reuters)

September 2013

A Christian Prophet by Christopher Hale (America Magazine)

At the Vatican peace in Syria gets a chance by Christopher Hale (Washington Post, On Faith)

As outrage over lewd comments piles up, Trump struggles among Catholics