Pope Francis is absolutely right: "protecting the earth is the first vocation of God's people."

In this spirit, we call on President Trump to re-enter the Pope Francis-endorsed Paris Climate Agreement.

President Trump’s decision will not only jeopardize the health and safety of American communities but also undermine the United States’ position of global leadership on a host of issues. 

The U.S. is currently the second biggest contributor of greenhouse gasses in the world. Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement will hurt our country and the entire world.

By withdrawing, we would join the only two countries in the world who refused to sign the Paris Climate Agreement in the first place: Syria and Nicaragua. Large developing countries such as China and India have already announced they are going to surpass their Paris commitments to climate action. The U.S. needs to keep a seat at the table in the international process, and we need to keep moving towards clean energy like solar and wind. 

Make no mistake: protecting God's creation is a pro-life issue. Therefore, we call on President Trump to reverse this disastrous decision and be a defender of creation.

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