Fred Rotondaro offers his views on what the second anniversary of Pope Francis's papacy means for lay Catholics and Bishops alike. 

Today marks the second anniversary of the election of Pope Francis.


In these few years, Francis has startled the world with his dynamic vision of a Church that fights actively against social and economic injustice. There are millions rethinking their view of the Church because of Francis.


There is a group of a Catholics, however, who are moving slowly to accept a Church which seeks new encounters with the marginalized and oppressed. These are many of the American bishops who, contrary to thinking “who am I to judge”, seem intent on staying in their old ways.


We awoke this morning to a news story that the bishops of Richmond and Alexandria as well as other Catholics are protesting the role of Governor McAuliffe in leading the St Patrick Day Parade. A lifelong Catholic, McAuliffe is pro choice and pro gay rights. I am still waiting for the bishops to attack by name the congressional leaders several of whom are Catholic who promote economic policies  that continue to benefit the rich  at the expense of the poor and working Americans.


I think that we as Catholics should continue to prod the bishops to pick up the uplifting themes of Pope Francis. It’s clear the bishops have lost much of their moral credibility. Pope Francis is giving them a chance to restore that credibility.