Here's a recent rundown of CACG's media appearances during Pope Francis's trip to the United States:

Kim Davis' Lawyers Dispute Vatican's Claims That Pope Francis Meeting Was Not an Endorsement, as Speculations Arise That the Pontiff Was Tricked by Char Adams (People Magazine)

Before Meeting Kim Davis, Pope Met With His Gay Friend In Washington by Jaweed Kaleem (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis's Public Transformation on LGBT Rights by Christopher Hale (New Republic)

Pope Francis Met With An Openly Gay Couple The Day Before His Visit With Kim Davis by Ismat Sarah Mangla (International Business Times) 

Pope Francis, immigrants and presidential candidates by Daniel Gunderson (KFGO Radio)

Can Pope Francis sway US politics? (Financial Times)

How Pope Francis resonates with millennials on Weekends with Alex Witt (MSNBC)

What lasting effect will Pope's visit have on US Catholics? (Fox News) 

Refugees in Europe, the Pope in America on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Stitcher)

Religion Series: LGBT couples still battling for rights from Church by Abbie Sarfo (The Review)

Papal visit prompts calls for LGBT-inclusive church by Michael K. Lavers (Washington Blade)

Byko: the LGBT embrace is one sided by Stu Bykofsky (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Boehner to resign from Congress next month by Tracie Mauriello (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

A Different Kind of Crusader by Rob Kunzig (Morning Consult) 

Pope for the people galvanizes millennials by Margie Fishman (The Delaware News Journal) 

Catholic Church: Listen & Learn On LGBT People by Stephen Seufert (Believe Out Loud)

Why Pope Francis Sounds Like a Democrat by Molly Ball (The Atlantic) 

Pope Francis Creates Strange Bedfellows Among Presidential Candidates by Ben Gittleson (ABC News)

By boycotting the pope, US Rep. embarrasses his Church and his country by Christopher Hale (Crux)

The Francis Revolucion by Callum Wood (The Trumpet)

Pope Francis' foray into politics creates discomfort for some Republicans by Alex Leary (Tampa Bay Times) 

Activists Hope Pope Can Change Climate Conversation In Washington by Kate Sheppard (Huffington Post)

How Does Pope Francis Influence America's Climate Change Debate? by Lucy Schouten (Christian Science Monitor)

Obama, the Pope, and the President of China Are Teaming Up to Save the World by James West (Mother Jones)

Pope faces tough crowd with climate plea by Timothy Cama (The Hill)

Pope's climate message unlikely to sway Republicans by Andrew Restuccia (Politico)

Why US Bishops Aren't Embracing Pope Francis' Climate Push by Suzanne Goldenberg (Mother Jones)

Pope Francis Faces Challenge Persuading US's Catholic Leaders on Climate Change by Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian)

Where Obama, Pope Francis Share Policy Vision: Cuba and Climate Change by Carol E. Lee (The Wall Street Journal)

Pope Francis Is Not ‘Progressive’—He’s a Priest by Emma Green (The Atlantic) 

Washington stirs before dawn for key spots at papal spectacles by Dana Hedgpeth (Washington Post) 

The Pope’s Funniest Fan: Stephen Colbert by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Catholics Flood 2016 Race by Brendan Kirby (LifeZette)

Catholic congressman says he will boycott Pope Francis over climate change stance by Mike DeBonis (Washington Post) 

Troubled Philadelphia Catholic diocese welcomes Pope Francis' late-September visit by Peter Smith (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 

Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, and 49 Other Christian Faith Leaders Send Letter to Congress Urging Acceptance of Iran Nuclear Deal (Urban Christian News)

Owning Our Faith Q&A: LGBT Catholics and the Church by Stephen Seufert (Huffington Post)

70+ Organizations Implore Congress to Support Iran Agreement by Win Without Way (YubaNet)

These are Pope Francis's Top 5 Messages for Americans by Christopher Hale (TIME)

Timothy Malcolm: Member of a church should bring its teachings to life by Timothy Malcolm (Times Herald-Record)

Pope Francis is right about abortion by Christopher Hale (TIME)

The Pope vs. The Donald by Nahal Toosi (Politico)