President Trump,

St. Thomas More said it well: "I'm the king's good servant, but God's first."

We'll always pray for you, but as people of faith and patriots, we too will hold you accountable to the highest demands of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We'll fight for a nation where the poor are blessed, the last are first, and strangers are welcomed.

With God's love in Jesus, a new kingdom is established. We're collaborators in this kingdom where all injustices are overturned. Black lives matter here. LGBTQ lives matter here; and so too do the lives of refugees, women, the imprisoned, the unborn, and anyone else who suffers dehumanization, exclusion, and injustice.

This isn't just some distant reality, but God's highest hopes for our people here and now

Mr. President, we're willing to encounter, engage, and befriend anyone to make Pope Francis's dream for the United States a lived reality: "let this be a place where everyone is welcomed, loved, and forgiven."

We challenge you to do the same.

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