CACG to Bishops: Stand with immigrants

CACG board chair Fred Rotondaro and board member Benjamin Palumbo call for Catholic Bishops to stand with immigrants being targeted by the Trump administration.

Trump's Labor nominee: opposed to the dignity of work

CACG's chair Fred Rotondaro issued a statement on president Trump's selection for labor secretary.

Catholics stand united in welcoming the stranger

We here at CACG are deeply disturbed by President Trump's continued attacks on a free and independent media, the rule of law, and religious freedom.He has repeatedly charged that the media lies with intent to hurt him. His most recent statement was at a gathering of US Army members when he said, incorrectly, that the media was not...

Catholics respond to the Standing Rock Crisis

CACG's chairman Fred Rotondaro had the following response to the ongoing crisis in Standing Rock, North Dakota: The violence that the federal authorities have shown towards peaceful activists in Standing Rock protesting the North Dakota Pipeline is absolutely immoral and unacceptable.  The 1100 mile pipeline that would stretch underneath a lake on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation would threaten water resources and...

President-elect Trump's rumored Muslim registry

CACG's executive director Christopher Hale responds to the rumors that President-elect Trump wants to create a Muslim registry in the United States: I've been invited to be a part of the President-elect's meeting with faith leaders during his transition where he will seek our counsel. During his victory speech, Donald Trump said he wanted to be a President for everyone....