As we live out this Jubilee Year of Mercy and the United States enters into the 2016 election season, Americans face a myriad of choices between competing visions for our nation’s future. As Catholics, we are called by our faith to engage in this election. Pope Francis says that “a good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of one’s self so that those who govern can govern well.”

So CACG will spend tremendous time and resources making sure Catholics voters throughout the nation are educated on how the social mission of our Church speaks to the political issues of today. 

We engage in this political process not because we’re partisan, but because we’re Christians. Through the production and distribution of the Pope Francis Voter's Guide, we hope to educate millions of Catholics and Christians throughout the United States on the issues at the heart of the Church's teaching and Pope Francis's ministry.

CACG will also continue to focus on its longstanding legislative priorities, most notably fair trade deals, an increased federal minimum wage, comprehensive immigration and criminal justice reform, protecting God's creation, and pursuing economic and social justice for women, the poor, the unborn, the LGBT community, and other excluded populations. You can get involved in these activities by signing up for our legislative action team.