Rebuild God's House

In September, Pope Francis comes to the United States. Let's give him some reflections on how we can work together to rebuild the Church in the United States. 

Pray about it, and then join the conversation. We'll forward the best ones to our friends at the American bishops' conference and in the Roman Curia and to the pope himself.

Be practical. Be bold. But also be big-hearted, thoughtful and kind.

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Women priests

Why not? There's no real argument against it, except tradition. If we truly accept that men and women are created equal, then there is no reason why not. Celibate women would preserve the sanctity of the priesthood. Makes more sense than married priests.

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Care of the environment requires ending overpopulation

It's great that papal statements and the church's social teaching increasingly stress protection of the environment and the dangers of climate change. Now we just need to bring the moral teaching on contraception into line, recognizing that global overpopulation is the root cause of anthropogenic climate change and the greatest obstacle to eradicating poverty.

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Youth are not attracted

Youth are not attracted to an institution that is not loving and merciful, but run by rules that restrict people from feeling accepted and loved.

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rebuilding the church: necessary but not sufficient

For the church to "refocus its message on the radical mission of Jesus" is absolutely necessary, but I'm not sure that will "win Millenials back." After all, look at the Protestant churches who are way ahead of us with respect to gender and sexuality -- they are experiencing the same decreases in participation that we are.

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Same sex marriages

Accept the LGBTQ family. Anyone who abides in love, abides in God and God in him. Just as infertile and older couples cannot have children, they should not be prevented from getting married. Any couple who loves each other and are committed to each other should be able to have that loved recognized and legalized regardless of their sexual orientation.

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