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Dear Members of the United States Senate,

What we witnessed on the floor of the United States Congress was an act of cruelty and violence. It wasn't as evident as a bullet, but it was just as deadly.

It was a different kind of violence, slower and quieter. It was the invisible violence of an institution; one of inaction, indifference, and small-minded things.

It was an act of violence that first afflicts women, the poor, and the elderly. 

The AHCA is a bill that will take away health care from 24 million Americans and allow insurance companies to discriminate against those who are fighting cancer, leukemia, and diabetes.

In short, it is a morally bankrupt piece of legislation.

According to our faith tradition, any authentic healthcare reform must include universal access and affordability and must not discriminate against anyone based on age or previous medical conditions.

As you discern the way forward legislatively, we ask you to reject this bill and work on a bill that heeds the words of Pope Francis: "health care is a right, not a privilege!"

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