CACG's chair Fred Rotondaro issued a statement on president Trump's selection for labor secretary.

President Donald Trump has made a few good cabinet appointments and some horrible ones. Nominating Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor ranks among the worst.

Mr. Puzder is CEO of a fast food chain with multiple charges against it of sexual discrimination and wage theft. He has publicly spoken about how robots are better workers than humans. He does not want to increase the wickedly low minimum wage. President Trump campaigned as a champion of American workers. How he can make this nomination and still say he supports workers rights is beyond me.

One final point. We are in a rapidly changing situation for workers around the world thanks in large part to job automation. Mr. Puzder has never shown any interest in what will be needed for American workers as they head into this increasingly challenging technological future. Let us remember that in Laudato Si', Pope Francis warns against technology which is used to advance greed at the expense of human development and the dignity of work.

We urge you to quickly do your own research on Mr. Puzder. If you don't like what you find and agree with this post, please contact your Senator and state your opposition. Do it now before he is rushed through on a party line vote.

Fred Rotondaro
Chair, Catholics in Alliance For the Common Good

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