White House Engagement

On Wednesday, October 29th, CACG will have a meeting with President Obama's White House staff. 

Of course, CACG will be talking with the White House about important shared priorities between the Catholic community and the Administration: increasing the federal minimum wage, reforming our immigration system and doing all we can to protect God's creation.

But we also will share our concerns and differences with the White House as well.

In all of this, we want you to participate. Between now and Wednesday at 12:00 PM ET, please share your comments, questions and concerns with the White House.

Every message will be given to White House staff, so please participate today.

Please note that each message needs both a subject (in the upper box) and a comment or question (in the lower box). And to encourage a conversation, please free to respond to each other's messages. 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Global health

Catholics have an obligation to speak out on issues affecting the poor and vulnerable worldwide. The United States can continue its moral leadership in global health by increasing funding for neglected tropical diseases through the USAID NTD program, which has delivered over one billion treatments for debilitating and disabling NTDs to over 465 million people over the past seven years. US support is critical to the effort to end the suffering caused by these diseases, and a funding increase would be well in line with Pope Francis' call for leaders to prioritize the needs of the poor and vulnerable in policy decisions.

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Stop funding the genocide that zionist Israelis are perpetrating in Palestine with our taxes.

Funding murder perpetuates an escalating spiral of so called defense spending that steals tax dollars that should be going to Children, Education and Healthcare.

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End free trade, and shift to fair trade.

End free trade, and shift to fair trade. Despite what the excuse makers may say, the problem is sending our high paying jobs overseas

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Vanishing Middle Class

Increasing the federal minimum wage is a start but so much more needs to be done to lessen the gap between the rich and poor. The Administration needs to press Congress for an overturn of the Citizens United Supreme court ruling, in order for there to be any hope that our political leaders can be elected without the backing of big corporate money. We also need to follow the lead of other Western countries that offer a free college education to all their citizens -- this is an investment in our future and should be financed by a careful dismantling of the American war machine. While we may have enemies in the Middle East, we have a much more neglected internal enemy -- the dumbing down of our society and the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor. Only the rich are prospering in this "capitalism out of control" economy. Until the wealthy can no longer buy political favor I don't see much opportunity for legislative initiatives that would foster social justice.

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Immigration Reform

Please persevere in pursuing immigration reform, even, if necessary, by executive action, despite the opposition of the conservatives, both Democrats and Republicans. It is the right and just thing to do!

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Until there is some agreement as to whether a fetus is human being or not, our country is not going to get anywhere in the abortion debate. So stop pushing it. Every time you push a "choice" agenda, every time liberals use inflammatory "anti-choice" or "anti-women" labels, you alienate progressive Catholics like me. And that weakens the progressive movement. We need all the unity we can get, so lay off on this divisive issue.

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A Thank you note

Thank you, President Obama for being rational, calm, cool, and collected in the face of so many irrational fears going on. I appreciate that you use science and reason. God bless you.

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