CACG's executive director Christopher Hale released the following statement on today's WikiLeak e-mail pertaining to our work:

When I woke up this morning, I never thought our organization would get caught up in WikiLeaks drama.

Prominent commentators have used a stolen e-mail thread from political operatives in 2011 (while I was a 21-year-old college student) about my organization in an attempt to impugn both my integrity and my organization's work. 

So let's set the record straight: every day, my colleagues and I work tirelessly to promote the social mission of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in American politics, media, and culture. 

Politics is messy. Lived faith is messy. So this work isn't always easy. You're bound to make everyone mad at least once.

Our group has been derided as "radical right wingers" and a "lapdog for liberals" by two different national commentators in a single month. To me, that's a strong sign that we're willing to go beyond stale partisan labels to promote the faith's social mission in public life.

Many of our fellow Catholics disagree with some of our politics. And they should. That's a sign of a healthy culture within the Church.

But I can say with strong conviction that we love our Catholic faith and the Church. Contrary to what others have said, my colleagues and I would never try to divide the Church against itself for political ends.

Judge us by our fruits. We've time and again challenged both Democrats and Republicans—often at some political cost—to be better stewards of the common good.

You can question our politics, but don't ever question the sincerity of our faith or our love of the Catholic Church.

The proof is in the pudding.

The only revolution we care about is bringing Pope Francis's "revolution of tenderness" to American politics. And despite the efforts of some, we won't quit in that noble effort.