I think if you asked Francis, he would agree: he might be the pope, but women run the Catholic Church. 

It's been like this since the beginning. During his final moments when all his men abandoned him, it was women who stayed with Jesus. Women too were the first recipients and tellers of the impossible news that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead. 

As they did then, they do today. Women share the Good News and pass on the faith. Mothers teach their children how to pray. Nuns run our schools and educate our kids. Sisters feed the hungry and protect the poor. And they lobby our politicians to do good and promote justice.

Women are truly the stewards of the faith that saves.

And on this Mother's Day, CACG wants to honor in a special way the women religious who are the backbone of the Catholic Church in the United States. Will you sign our thank you letter?

Let's tell the women religious how much they mean to us and honor their great service to the Church.